Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg Step 1 Patches - 7 Pack

Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg Step 1 Patches - 7 Pack
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Brand:  Nicorette
Product Type  Nicotine Patches

Each patch releases 25 milligrams of nicotine, over  a period of 16 hours.

Suitable for smokers of more than 20 cigarettes a day,


How to use:

Apply one fresh patch to the skin when you wake up, then remove 16 hours later around bedtime.

Step 1: Start your treatment with the 25mg patch, as this contains the highest strength of nicotine. Apply the patch the morning/day after you stop smoking and apply a new patch each day for 8 weeks.

Step 2: If you successfully stop smoking within the eight weeks, reduce the amount of nicotine you are getting and opt for the Nicorette Invisi 15mg Patch that has a smaller amount of Nicotine. Apply a patch each day for 2 weeks.

Step 3: If you have successfully avoided smoking up until this point, you can lower the patch strength further and use the Nicorette Invisi 10mg Patch each day for a further two weeks.


Choosing the right strength:

If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day start with the 25mg patch.

If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day start with the 15mg patch.

If you have completed the 15mg patch use, continue with 10mg patch.


Pack Contains:

7 patches


Please note: you must be over 18 years of age to purchase and use this product.


At  McNallys  Pharmacy365 we are concerned for your welfare. If you find the need to use this product on a regular basis, please contact us or speak to your Doctor. As this product is not recommended for continued use, we have to limit the quantity we are allowed to supply.

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