TePe Interdental Brush Red 0.5mm 8pcs

TePe Interdental Brush Red 0.5mm 8pcs
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Brand:  TePe
Product Type  Interdental Brush

Clean between your teeth, for improved oral health.

Regular use of an interdental brush efficiently removes plaque and helps prevent the development of gum disease and cavities. The brush is also suitable for implants and braces.

All sizes have coated wire for gentle cleaning. They are available in a range of colour coded sizes as most people may need more than one size for optimal cleaning. 

Chose correct size(s) that suits you and never force the brush into a space. Use, daily change brush when worn.

Each pack contains a travel cap to protect brush while on the go!

How to use TePe Interdental Brushes;

Insert the brush between your teeth and more back and forth a few times. For use between back teeth, carve slightly. Rinse the brush when needed and after use.

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