Siemens Uristix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis 50 Strips

Siemens Uristix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis 50 Strips
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Brand:  Siemens
Product Type  Test Strips & Glucose Monitors

Siemens Uristix Reagent Strips is the reliable frontline test for levels of Glucose & Protein within your urine.

Suitable for professional or self testing and can be used standalone using the charts provided or use with Siemens Cliniteck Status and the New Clinitek Status+ Analysers for automatic analysis of results.


How to Use Uristix Without a Clinitek instrument?
It is important when reading the test strips with identification ID bands visually, to always use the proper handling technique. Do not touch any of the test pads, including the ID band. There is more information on this in the product on the product packaging and labels.

Follow the proper dipping technique:

1. Dip all the tests pads fully in the sample. (The ID bands can be dipped if proper dipping technique is used)
2. Drag the edge of the strip against the container rim to remove excess urine.
3. Compare each test pad to the corresponding row of colour blocks on the bottle label.

Pack contains 50 strips.

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