Velvotan Tanning Mitt

Velvotan Tanning Mitt
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Brand:  Velvotan

Velvotan has revolutionised the way in which self tan lotions, creams, mousses, sprays and tinted moisturisers are applied to your body. 
The Velvotan Tanning Mitt is patented with a special applicator surface to achieve a streak-free tan. Its waterproof barrier prevents staining of hands.
The Velvotan Tanning Mitt can be used to apply any self tan product.

To keep your Velvotan Tanning Mitt in good condition, wash after each use in the washing machine at 30°C or 40°C. Then leave to dry naturally.

How to use your Velvotan Tanning Mitt:
Place your hand inside the mitt and apply your preferred self tan to your skin with a smooth gliding action, repeating if necessary.

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