Sona Folic Acid

Sona Folic Acid
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Sona Folic Acid tablets provide 400μg of this essential vitamin in an easy to swallow tablet.

Folic Acid is essential for the activities of several enzymes. It is needed for DNA synthesis. DNA allows cells - including cells in the fetus when a woman is pregnant - to replicate normally. Adequate intake of folic acid early in pregnancy is important for preventing most “neural tube” birth defects as well as some birth defects of the arms, legs, and heart.

Folic acid is needed to make “SAM” (S-adenosyl methionine), which affects (and may improve) mood.

Folic acid is also needed to keep homocysteine levels in blood from rising. Excess homocysteine (an amino acid) dramatically increases the risk of heart disease and may be linked to osteoporosis and strokes. Folic Acid supplementation is recommended to all women of childbearing age and persons, especially males, aged over 45.


Recommended daily dose of folic acid in each tablet

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  • 90 Tablets

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