Sona Calcium Complete

Sona Calcium Complete
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Brand:  Sona

Calcium is important for the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. Sona Calcium Complete provides calcium in addition to iron in a yeast-free complete multivitamin, formulated especially for pregnant and lactating women.

Unlike other multivitamins, Sona Calcium Complete is a complete multivitamin with a significant amount of calcium. 

Calcium Complete also contains iron and is specially formulated for pregnant and lactating women. In addition to calcium, Sona Calcium Complete contains a number of vitamins that are important for health:

Vitamin A: Helps to maintain healthy vision and normal growth of foetal tissues
Vitamin B Group: Needed for normal metabolic processes, the formation of healthy red blood cells and the release of energy from food
Folic Acid: A B-vitamin of particular importance during pregnancy-important for neural tube development of the  foetus
Vitamin C: Needed for the formation of connective tissue, the absorption of iron and healthy immune function
Vitamin D: Needed for calcium homeostasis and the mineralization of bones and teeth
Vitamin E: Acts as an antioxidant
Iron: Essential mineral, forming part of  haemoglobin  (the  oxygen-carrying  component of blood)
Calcium: Needed to form bones and teeth

Additional Benefits:

  • Helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones
  • 500mg of calcium in addition to iron in a well balanced complete multivitamin formula

Packet Size

Available in 30 and 60 Tablets

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