Pharma Nord Lipo Exit

Pharma Nord Lipo Exit
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Brand:  Pharma Nord

Reducing calorie intake often causes fatigue, sugar cravings and bloating which can make successful weight loss difficult to achieve. LipoExit contains a combination of ingredients to promote weight loss and to tackle the problems that most people encounter when trying to lose weight. 


  • Appetite Suppressant - FibrePrecise acts as an appetite suppressant. FibrePrecise delays the emptying of food from the stomach which prolongs the feeling of fullnessSuppressing appetite reduces calorie intake and over time the body will start to burn its own fat stores to provide energy causing weight loss. 
  • Detoxifying effect - Artichoke extract enhances detoxification reactions in the body. Detoxing while following a weight loss plan promotes the removal of toxins from the body and helps to accelerate weight loss.
  • Tackle cravings - Reducing calorie intake causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate and in turn causes sugar cravings. Chromium stabilises blood sugar levelstacklesugar cravings and reduces the urge to snack on high calorie foods during the day
  • Fight fatigue - Vitamin C is essential for the production of carnitine which is necessary for the metabolism of dietary fat. Vitamin C also provides energy to combat fatigue caused by the reduction of calorie intake. 
  • Reduce bloating - Pectins from citrus peel act as prebiotics in the gut and reduce the incidence of bloating


The recommended loading dose is 2 x 2 tablets daily (ideally 2 with lunch and 2 with dinner). 
Tablets should be taken 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of water or similar fluid. At least two litres of water should be consumed each day whilst taking LipoExit. 

Contra indications 

Not suitable for those who have a shell fish allergy or known allergy to any of the other constituents. 
Not advisable for individuals with a lower than normal body weight (BMI < 20). 
LipoExit may bind to all fat soluble substances and reduce or delay the effect of e.g. contraception medicine or hormonal treatment. Ensure a 4 hours separation of intake between LipoExit and medicine, vitamin-mineral supplements, etc. 

Pack Size:
60 tablets

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