Medicare Compressor Nebuliser

Medicare Compressor Nebuliser
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Brand:  Medicare

The Medicare Compressor Nebuliser is a robust nebuliser, ideal for home based, frequent usage.

  • High nebulisation rate (>0.2 ml/min).
  • Fast inhalation time.
  • High proportion of respirable particles.
  • Compressed Air Technology.
  • The powerful compressor generates a stream of compressed air which breaks up liquid medication and converts it into a mist so it can be easily and more effectively inhaled by the patient through the mask, nosepiece or mouthpiece.
  • Easy to clean and can be disinfected.
  • Practical storage compartment for the accessories.
  • Convenient handle for carrying.

Pack includes:

  • Adult mask.
  • Child mask.
  • Tubing.
  • Mouthpiece.
  • Nosepiece.
  • Atomiser.
  • Filters x 10.

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