IsaDora Colour Correcting Concealer

IsaDora Colour Correcting Concealer
Type: Anti-RednessType: NeutralType: Nude Quartet
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Brand:  IsaDora

The IsaDora Color Correcting Concealers use complimentary colours to neutralize discolouration in your skin. Each of the 3 IsaDora Color Correcting Concealers come with four different colours each giving a different effect. You can choose from 3 different types including anti-redness, anti-dullness, and concealer. Each type contains a concealer, highlighter and dark-circles colours.

  • Anti-Redness:  Green
  • Anti-Dullness: Lilac - helps to reduce yellow or grey skin tones
  • Dark Circles: Peach - covers dark circles under the eyes and blue/purple veins 
  • Highlighter: helps lighten and illuminate the skin 

IsaDora Color Correcting Concealers are suitable for all skin types.

Fragrance-free and clinically tested.