Hair Off Facial Wax Strips

Hair Off Facial Wax Strips
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Hair Off Facial Wax Strips remove unwanted facial hair quickly, gently and neatly. Especially formulated for use on sensitive skin, our wax strips are so easy to use! Simply press on and peel off - that's all there is to it! No sticky, messy residue left behind on your skin. Hair Off Facial Wax Strips work beautifully on upper lip, chin, even "sideburns". Each strip pulls hair out cleanly by the root, so your skin stays smooth and hair-free for up to 8 weeks. Regrowth appears finer and less visible, so there's never any ugly stubble.Facial Wax Strips are ready to mess, no preparation. Each box contains 18 double-sided reusable strips in 2 sizes - 12 small for upper lip and eyebrows, and 6 medium for chin, cheeks and hairline. That's 36 individual applications. Tinted wax allows for precise placement, so you get flawless hair removal every time.

Pack contains:
18 x Double-Sided Strips

How to use:
For best results, hair to be removed should be at least 1/4" long (about 21 days growth) AND skin must be clean, dry and free of make-up and oil before attempting to remove hair. If a more customized wax strip shape is desired, trim strips with scissors prior to application.

  1. Choose the right size wax strip for the area to be treated.
  2. Determine direction of hair growth before applying wax strip. (Note: With certain body parts, hair grows in multiple directions. Therefore, carefully determine the direction of the hair growth before proceeding.)
  3. Warm wax by rubbing strips briefly and gently between your hands.
  4. Peel the double-sided wax strip apart. You now have two wax strips.
  5. Press on wax strip, sticky side down, firmly in the direction of hair growth. Use the heel of your hand to do so. (Note: Apply and remove one wax strip at a time.)
  6. After smoothing down strip in the direction of hair growth, hold skin beyond strip taut with your index and third fingers. Using your other hand, take edge of strip and pull it in one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling as close to skin as possible. If the strip is peeled off too slowly, wax will remain on skin and hair will not come off. WARNING: Wax Strips are NOT to be left on skin for more than 10 seconds. (Note: Hair will not come off if you pull the wax strip off in the same direction of hair growth. If you placed the wax strip on incorrectly, carefully peel off the strip in the same direction of hair growth and start again.)
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until the area is free of hair.
  8. To remove hair from lower brow, repeat directions, using the correct size strip. WARNING: Wax strips are NOT to be placed on eyelid. If you accidentally place the strip on the eyelid, slowly and carefully peel off the strip in the same direction of hair growth.
  9. Dispose of used wax strips after removing all unwanted hair. Use fresh, new wax strips the next time you need to remove unwanted hair. (Note: To avoid irritation, do not apply more than once to same spot in a 24-hour period.)
  10. After hair removal, apply a small amount of baby oil to treated area with a cotton ball or tissue to wipe away any wax residue and to help re-moisturise skin. To relieve any tingling or stinging sensation, gently press skin with hand. Ice may also be applied.

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