Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother 400g

Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother 400g
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Brand:  Green Angel

Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother is a natural all in one exfoliating and body moisturising treatment, manicure and pedicure. A traditional and simple solution for those who like smooth healthy skin and nails. Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother will enhance elasticity and smoothness of your skin.

Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother is a unique product which combines the therapeutic powers of grape seed oil, argan oil and natural salt with the rejuvenative benefits of "Irish Seaweed" from the unpolluted waters off the west coast of Ireland.

These ingredients are blended with lemon and grapefruit essential oils, both with their own attributes. This zesty combination will help give a real boost to a tired and weary body.

The natural salt will exfoliate thus eliminating dead skin cells. The natural essential oils will nourish dry tissue and preserve your skin's natural moisture. The high grape seed oil content is renowned for conditioning and softening your skin.

How to use Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother:
Stir well before using.

  • Body Smoother - Gently massage into body before bath or shower to remove dead skin cells, and to activate the relaxing, therapeutic properties of the essential oils. Use often to obtain soft, smooth, silky skin. For total luxury apply Green Angel Seaweed Body Cream with Vitamin E, Jasmine & Ylang-ylang.
  • Manicure and Pedicure - Take a small amount and massage into hands and feet paying particular attention to nails and cuticles. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.

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