Blank Canvas Solid Brush and Sponge Soap

Blank Canvas Solid Brush and Sponge Soap
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Brand:  Blank Canvas

Keep your brushes good as new by cleaning them with this fragrant soap.

Prolong your brushes as long as you can by caring for them properly, cleaning regularly to prevent build-up of harmful bacteria.

This soap is only suitable for washing brushes and sponges that you have used to apply your makeup with.

How to use your Blank Canvas Soap:
1) Wet the soap with a small amount of water and swirl the brush fibres around the soap forming a lather. (Do this with the brush heads only)
2) Thoroughly Rinse the fibres out in lukewarm water, ensuring the ferrule and handle remain dry.
3) Mold your brush fibres back to their original shape and leave in an airy, clean place to dry out.

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